CMS Releases Updated Information about PECOS

Are your ordering/referring  physicians enrolled in PECOS?

On June 20th CMS released a revised MLN Matters article with updated information regarding PECOS and Phase 2 of the Ordering/Referring Physician Requirements.

During Phase 2, Medicare will deny Part A HHA claims that fail the ordering/referring provider edits. CMS has not announced a date when the edits for Phase 2 will become active. CMS will give the provider community at least 60 days notice prior to turning on these edits. Physicians and others who are eligible to order and refer items or services need to establish their Medicare enrollment record (PECOS).

It is possible that it could take 45-60 days, sometimes longer, for Medicare enrollment contractors to process enrollment applications. All enrollment applications, including those submitted over the web, require verification of the information reported. Sometimes, Medicare enrollment contractors may request additional information in order to process the enrollment application.

Waiting too late to begin this process could mean that physicians’ enrollment applications will not be able to be processed prior to the implementation date of Phase 2 of the ordering/referring provider edits. In Phase 2, if the Ordering/Referring Provider does not pass the edits, the claim will be denied.This means that the billing provider will not be paid for the items or services that were furnished based on the order or referral. For more information Click Here

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