OIG Releases 2013 Work Plan for Home Health

The HHS Office of Inspector General (OIG) Work Plan for Fiscal Year 2013 was recently release and provides brief descriptions of activities that OIG plans to initiate or continue in fiscal year 2013.

The Work Plan describes the primary objectives and provides for each review its internal identification code, the year in which we expect one or more reports to be issued as a result of the review, and indicates whether the work was in progress at the start of the fiscal year or will be a new start during the year.

The OIG’s Work Plan for home health addresses seven areas for review:

  • Home Health Face-to-Face Requirement (New)
  • Employment of Home Health Aides With Criminal Convictions (New)
  • States’ Survey and Certification: Timeliness, Outcomes, Follow-up, and Medicare Oversight
  • Missing or Incorrect Patient Outcome and Assessment Data
  • Medicare Administrative Contractors’ Oversight of Claims
  • Home Health Prospective Payment System Requirements
  • Trends in Revenues and Expenses

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