Enhanced Agency GoogleMap Now Available

With 200 member agencies across the state, there’s a Home Care Alliance member near just about everyone.

Now, the Alliance is pleased to announce an improved referral tool to show exactly how close on GoogleMaps:

By clicking on an icon, the map provides contact information about each member while letting you know whether it accepts Private Care, is Medicare Certified, and/or Accredited by the Home Care Alliance.

In it’s current form, the map shows the physical locations of our members.  To do a detailed search by Service Area — i.e., where agencies actually serve — and service type, you can still rely on our Find-An-Agency Search.

Return to www.thinkhomecare.org.

Author: Tom Meyer

Tom Meyer is the Alliance's Membership Coordinator and Webmaster. His email address is tmeyer@thinkhomecare.org.

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