The Joint Commission Releases 2013 National Safety Goals

The Joint Commission recently released their 2013 Home Care National Patient Safety Goals. The goals were originally established in 2002 to help accredited healthcare organizations address patient safety concerns. The goals focus on problems in health care safety and how to solve them. They are developed and updated by the Patient Safety Advisory Group, made up of healthcare professionals with hands-on experience in addressing patient safety issues.

Home Care Safety Goals

  • Improve the accuracy of patient identification.
  • Improve the safety of using medications.
  • Reduce the risk of health care–associated infections.
  • Reduce the risk of patient harm resulting from falls.
  • The organization identifies safety risks inherent in its patient population.

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One thought on “The Joint Commission Releases 2013 National Safety Goals”

  1. The Physician-Patient Alliance for Health & Safety (PPAHS) is an advocacy group dedicated to improving patient health and safety. Doing so involves many facets. Hospitals need to leverage technology to provide necessary monitoring of patient vital signs. Management needs to enable healthcare providers to reduce safety risks by implementing procedures centered on patient safety. Physicians and patients alike need access to information on patient safety and must take an active role in preventing adverse events.,

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