Planned Revisions to Home Health Beneficiary Notice-Open for Public Comment

Presently home health agencies (HHAs) are required to use the Home Health Advance Beneficiary Notice (HHABN), CMS-R-296 to provide beneficiaries with change of care notification consistent with HHA Conditions of Participation (COPs) in addition to its liability notice function. Option Box 1 addresses liability, Option Box 2 addresses change of care for agency reasons, and Option Box 3 addresses change of care due to provider orders.

In CMS’ effort to “streamline, reduce, and simplify notices to Medicare beneficiaries,” HHABN Option Box 1, the liability notice portion, will be replaced by the existing Advanced Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage (ABN) which is approved by Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for conveying information on beneficiary liability. CMS will introduce the “Home Health Change of Care Notice” (HHCCN) as a separate, distinct document to give change of care notice in compliance with HHA conditions of participation. The HHCCN will replace both Option Box 2 and Option Box 3 formats of the HHABN. The single page format of the HHCCN is designed to specify whether the change of care is due to agency reasons or provider orders. Form Number: CMS–10280 (OCN: 0938–New) To obtain copies of the supporting statement and any related forms for the proposed paperwork collections referenced above, go to CMS’ Web Site address at, or Email your request, including your address, phone number, OMB number, and CMS document identifier, to, or call the Reports Clearance Office on (410) 786-1326.

The full notice and details for submitting public comments on the proposed changes can be accessed in the Federal Register.  Comments are due by February 11, 2013

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