Hospice Reporting Reminder- Deadline April 1st

The following is a noticed released by CMS last week reminding Hospice Providers of the April 1st deadline for submission of the hospice pain measures (NQF #0209). 

Hospice Quality Reporting Program: NQF #0209 Deadline April 1

Important Alert: The deadline to submit the NQF #0209 data is quickly approaching. Hospices that fail to submit and attest to their data will receive a 2 percentage point reduction in their Annual Payment Update (APU) for the FY 2014.

To comply with the Payment Year 2014 Hospice Quality Reporting Program (HQRP) requirements, providers should currently be entering their NQF #0209 data on the data entry and submission website. Providers that have not already created a data entry account should do so now.

The deadline for reporting NQF #0209 data for Payment Year 2014 is April 1, 2013. In order to avoid a 2 percentage point reduction in their Annual Payment Update (APU), providers must have submitted their structural measure data by January 31, 2013 and must submit their NQF #0209 data by April 1. Providers that may have missed the structural measure deadline can still visit the data entry website, create an account, and enter their NQF #0209 data. The link to the data entry site, along with a Technical User Guide giving step-by-step instructions on the data entry process, can be found on the Data Submission portion of the CMS HQRP website.

User Account Deactivation Requests for the HQRP

If you anticipate needing a deactivation request for your HQRP user account, please submit the user account deactivation request to the Technical Help Desk via fax at 888-477-7871 or email at help@QTSO.com prior to March 25, 2013. Any deactivation requests received on or after March 25 puts a hospice organization at risk for missing the NQF #0209 deadline, which is April 1. Please note: all data submitted by a user who is deactivated is permanently deleted.

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