CMS Rescinds Reporting Modifier for Home Health Claims

Good news for Home Health Agencies…

CMS will no longer require home health agencies to apply a modifier to changes/additions to the plan of care by a physician other than the certifying physician for episodes starting on or after July 1. That’s the result of an April 3rd transmittal published on the CMS website. CMS states, “Transmittal 2650, dated February 1, 2013, is being rescinded and replaced with Transmittal 2680, to remove… instructions regarding reporting a new modifier.”

HHA are still required, effective July1, to report on claims the location where services were provided using one of three Q-codes.

  • Q5001: Home health care provided in patient’s home/residence
  • Q5002: Home health care provided in assisted living facility
  • Q5009: Home health care provided in place not otherwise specified

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