New OASIS Q&As Released

The July Q&As are here!

CMS has just released the latest guidance for OASIS, July 2013 Quarterly Q&As.  This quarterly update contains 16 new question and answers including guidance related to:

  • Observation stays-When a patient is in observation status at a hospital past day 60 of the current episode, treat this event as a missed recertification and complete the recertification as soon as possible after the patient returns home
  • M1055- clarifying the response if an agency does not immunize patients
  • Clarification to multiple questions related to pressure ulcers and surgical wounds
  • Clarifying time frames in multiple M-items
    • M1240- time frame used to assess pain,
    • M1620 time frame when to assess bowel incontinence and
    • Clarification to M1242, Response 4 – “All the time”
  • Timely resumption of care (ROC)-when a ROC OASIS is done outside the required 48-hour time frame, clinicians must answer “no” to several best practice questions:
    • M1240 (Pain assessment),
    • M1300 (Pressure ulcer risk assessment),
    •  M1730 (Depression screening),
    •  M1910 (Falls risk assessment) and
    • M2250 (Plan of care synopsis).-if a best practice listed under M2250 is not applicable to the patient, answer “NA.”

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