Contact Your State Rep to Support Home Care in the FY17 State Budget

The Massachusetts House is preparing for debate next week on their $39.4 billion state budget proposal and the 1,307 amendments that were filed on a range of different issues from home care to homelessness.

Please visit the Home Care Alliance’s Advocacy Center and send a message to your state rep to urge their support of the HCA’s priority issues. Simply click on any of the top four issues on the Advocacy Center, fill out your contact information, hit SEND, and an email will automatically be sent to the legislator representing you!

The top message (“Please Support Home Care in the FY17 Budget”) includes all the HCA’s priorities, or you can choose from other single-issue messages. There are explanations of each message and you can read the actual message before sending.

The Alliance posted a summary of the House budget proposal that will be debated next week and other updates will be posted as they become available.

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