Message from the Exec. Dir.: Home Care During Election Season

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Alliance Exec. Dir. Pat Kelleher

The saying “elections have consequences” is thrown around a lot these days as a rallying cry to various constituencies to get to the polls on a specific issue, be it health care, gun ownership, or immigration. Many a TV pundit has used it in relation to – and on either side of – the coming Supreme Court confirmation battle. It’s an interesting footnote to history that the saying only entered the lexicon when uttered by our 44th President Barack Obama in a meeting very early in his presidency with Congressional Republicans who were not on board his economic plans for the country.

This is a good time to remind everyone that we have a primary election coming up in MA the Tuesday after Labor Day and a final election on Nov 6. The degree of influence our state and federal officials have over our industry, including who gets care, how it is paid for and regulated is tremendous. Anything you can do to engage with them to help them better understand what we do is important and helpful. Let your officials know who you are and that you vote!

HCA of MA will be in Washington DC in mid-September with our colleagues from other state associations to discuss federal policy issues. In the next few months, we are working with some member agencies to host membership forums on Question 1, the nurse staff ratio question. These sessions so far are scheduled for:

September 4
VNA Care, Worcester

September 18
Home Health VNA, Lawrence

September 24
NVNA & Hospice, Norwell

If you would like to host a session, please contact Jake Krilovich.

Thank you for engaging!
Pat Kelleher

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Author: Tom Meyer

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One thought on “Message from the Exec. Dir.: Home Care During Election Season”

  1. Yes, Thank God our founding Fathers gave us the opportunity to have free and open elections. God Bless America.

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