Haunted by TPE? Don’t Let It Frighten You!

Many home health care agencies have contacted me over the past few weeks with questions about the Targeted Probe and Educate (TPE). Here are answers to many common questions.

Many home health care agencies (HHAs) have contacted me over the past few weeks with questions about the Targeted Probe and Educate (TPE), so I thought I would review the rules because I am sure others have the same questions. NGS has contacted HCA to let us know that there are new TPE audits in Massachusetts: high therapy utilization, long lengths of stay, documentation supporting homebound for Heart Failure, COPD, Diabetes and Dementia, and medical necessity.

How Will the HHA Be Notified:  Agencies will receive a letter from NGS stating the focus of the targeted probe. Expect to receive between 20–40 ADRs, although every agency targeted so far has received a request for the 40 records. If you are currently in a TPE audit you will not be chosen for another. If for some reason you receive another TPE please contact Colleen Bayard because agencies should only be under one targeted probe and educate for home health at a time.

Additional Documentation Request: The Medicare system will generate ADRs and you have a total of 45 days to respond with the requested medical records. Note: It is best to send in at least 30 -35 days, as NGS considers their time to acknowledge receipt of the documentation into their system as part of the 45-day timeframe. If your ADR is one day late it is considered “no response” and counts as an error.

Calculation: NGS calculates the Percent Error Rate (PER) by taking the dollars Medicare would have paid the HHA versus the dollars denied obtaining a percentage. The PER must be 15 percent or below for the HHA to be released from the next round of TPE.

Results Letter: At the conclusion of a round of review, you will receive a letter outlining the TPE process, the reason for denials including the Medicare regulations, denial rates (PER), release or retention from medical review and offer for one-on-one education information.

Education: Agencies will be notified of one-on-one education between NGS medical reviewers and the provider. It is very important to accept the education from NGS at the end of the audit; accepting the education demonstrates that you are trying to improve documentation and will help with the second round of TPE.

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