Four Reasons to Choose An Agency Over A Direct Hire

This month, the Alliance is mailing nearly 5,000 copies of its latest publication, 4 Reasons to Choose An Agency Over A Direct Hire to every Council on Aging (COA) and Aging Access Service Point (ASAP) in the state.  Additionally, packages of up to 50 copies of the brochure are available on the Alliance’s website at no charge.

This postcard-sized brochure is professionally printed on heavy card stock and is intended for families uncertain why they should choose an agency.  On the front, it describes four areas where home care agencies have a distinct advantage over direct hires; on the anterior, it provides a “Quality Home Care Checklist” to help visualize these benefits.

Front page Anterior side

The full text of the front page reads:

Why should your family work with a Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts member agency rather than hire an aide or nurse directly? Home care agencies provide significant benefits over direct hires in the areas that matter most to families:

    1. Employer Obligations: By hiring an aide or nurse directly, you take on the legal responsibilities of an employer, including paying payroll taxes, workers compensation, unemployment insurance, and liability. Working with a Home Care Agency alleviates you of these responsibilities.
    2. Peace of Mind: The only background checks that come with a direct hire are those you do yourself. Home Care Agencies, however, are required to conduct criminal background checks and have access to more comprehensive data than is available to the public.
    3. Security & Contingency: If your direct hire harms or steals from you, you’re on your own. In contrast, Home Care Agencies are required to carry various forms of insurance to protect you. Additionally, agencies can quickly provide a replacement if your aide or nurse is sick, injured, or changes jobs.
    4. Training & Supervision: You are responsible for training and supervising your direct hire. Home Care Agencies, however, have the experience, knowledge, and resources to ensure their workers are thoroughly trained in any services or tasks they perform, including safe infection control, falls prevention, emergency preparation, and personal care tasks.

How do you know an Agency is doing these things correctly? Don’t be afraid to ask them directly, or check to see if they’re a member of the Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts at

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